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          I'm Olga Antonova, fine artist and jewelry designer based in Los Angeles, CA. I have been drawing since I could remember myself; my mom still has some pictures I drew, when I was 2 years old. But I didn't really know how to turn my hobby into my job or profitable business. So for last few months (even years) I tried to figure it out.
What I'd like to do? What I want from my life? You know, it's nice to have talents, hobbies, be good at something, but as closer you get to your 30s (guess what? I'm 29!), you actually need to decide what you wanna do for living. So you ether choose to get a regular 8-5 job and let your hobby never become your real job or you manage to make profit out of your hobby.

I chose the 2nd one, but I wasn't sure how to make it happen. I knew, I like and can draw and I love fashion (never actually could afford it though), and I wanted to combine them together somehow. A little more than a year ago I followed many doll artists and thought to make ball-jointed dolls, sew very beautiful unique garments for them and sell it. Then I went to a fabric store, spent many hours there and realized that no, I wanna sew for myself first.

Afterwards I thought, if I'd like to sew for myself, but not for clients, so I could sew handbags for sale. I found a lot of info about saddle stitch, glues, types of leathers, threads, techniques that bigger brands such as Hermes use etc. I wanted to make my bags unique by adding a buckle that I'll create based on my drawings and print it in 3D. I counted everything and, even though all spends would pay for itself after a few sales, it still was a lot of money. So I decided to start with just 3D printed jewelry, cause software is free - download, design and print! Who knew that my laptop's been too old and weak for it, and I had to buy new one.

I have an education and many years of experience in drawing and painting, using different techniques and mediums; I haven't actually sculptured a lot, but I had completely no experience in 3D modeling. I've never had an advanced enough PC for that either, and last August I bought one (with financing).

So around last September I got Sculptris, which is free, and started to practice. I not only watched tutorials online, but also took notes from them. App itself is very simple and intuitive; if you're attentive to proportions, details and can draw, feel the volume etc, work with the app will be smooth and relaxing like an art therapy. But actual preparation of 3D model for printing is such a pain in a... everywhere!

As a newbie first I created an object, and then thought about requirements for printing; and there's a lot of them, especially for printing in metal and especially for earrings, since they have to be light enough to be wearable. Unfortunately, I didn't learn much of more complex Meshmixer at the very beginning, so it was easier for me to remodel my flower from scratch again and again. And you can see most of versions of my iris at the video and my stories highlight 'Iris Evolution' on my Instagram @olgaantonovafinearts .

When I just started modeling in 3D, I sculptured parts of the flower from surface (you could model either from surface or sphere), because real petal looks more like a surface, but 3D printer can't read surface based objects, cause they don't have thickness measure.

It's possible to make surface solid in Meshmixer, but sometimes result could be unpredictable, so I modeled my last Iris straight from a sphere. Stretching, thinning-down, curving and creasing, and creasing, and creasing again...Check out my instagram stories highlight 'Iris Creation' to see all stages statically → @olgaantonovafinearts .

Unfortunately, it's quite difficult to make detail thin and light enough for printing only using sculpturing tools/brushes, and if you would like to learn more about creating process of my jewelry please follow me @olgaantonovafinearts .

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